Our Events

We hold on campus, off campus and university events for all students. Find out what we have going on this semester!

The Reel

Come watch a movie at The REEL. All movies are shown at The Reel Student Center Cinema located in the Lower Level of the Student Center South.

What We Do

We are a Temple University student organization dedicated to planning and executing premier events for the student body on Main Campus.

What Our GA Members Say

MCPB gave me the chance to meet new people and become more involved in the Temple community. MCPB is my favorite organization on campus and as a GA member you get to help the co-chairs plan events. I feel like joining MCPB was the best decision I made.
Jocelyn Murry, General Assembly Member
MCPB offered me a chance to become more active in my community and campus life. This organization took me in when I was a transfer student and helped me find a place for myself.
Kadidja Boyer, General Assembly Member
I’ve been involved with MCPB since my freshmen year and have loved it ever since! I have made so many friends and been to a lot of awesome events.
Olivia Hawkins, General Assembly Member
I love MCPB because you have the opportunity to create good times for Temple University students. You gain expereince and knowledge on how to execute an event, and it feels great knowing you had something to do with a successful event.
Jahlil Peterson, General Assembly Member

What We Do

      • Specialize in large-scale events for the student community on Main Campus
      • Organize fun trips to locations throughout the region
      • Plan student Homecoming events including the annual Homecoming concert
      • Host speakers, comedians, and novel events here on Main Campus